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Full House Partners helps clients adapt and build transformational platforms and communication needed to grow and thrive. We harness our client's expertise combining creativity with the power of data, optimising and automating operations, reducing costs, and offering great digital experiences.

At Full House Partners, we pride ourselves in harnessing the power of creativity within a business setting, merging the traditional with the new. Our strategy driven approach creates exponential value through the power of data, research and content creation with an updated and dynamic perspective, whilst bearing in mind long-term success and sustainability. We challenge the status-quo, embrace change and spark mindsets, allowing our clients to grow, attaining their full potential and positioning themselves as strong competitors in the market, leading industry trends. By working with Full House you can count on us having an active role in the development of your business, by embracing your culture, expertise and history, creating an agile and successful relationship.
It all starts with a powerful strategy. We engage with our clients by focusing on their most important asset: their customers. We aim to stimulate growth through digital advantage and transformation, translating research into strategy with the purpose of maximizing clients’ profits. We believe in tailoring solutions in accordance with who our clients already are, as well as who they want to become. We are the bridge which facilitates better performance, user-friendly experiences, and innovation. In a nutshell - we create ideas, and then we make them happen.
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Academia da Especialidade

An innovative take on education, where we helped restructure and adapt the company due to the pandemic constrictions. For Academia da Especialidade, we developed a new commercial strategy, with a strong presence on social media. We also created a new online platform, ADEFLIX, which gathers more than 200 hours of content on all subjects of medicine, professionally recorded, complemented by live online classes, enabling students to have access to them anywhere at any given time. Academia da Especialidade is not only a market leader but also the major strategic partner of Santander Totta in this sector of education in Portugal.


FLEXapp came to disrupt the industry. A project which creates a bridge between clients and service professionals, offering day-to-day solutions to common issues such as cleaning, handyman services, home repairs, and more; an app that enables clients to reach service professionals instantly. Our role in this project consisted of the development of the software, strategy for fundraising, branding, and content creation for their social media networks.

Style Lisbon

Style Lisbon is an e-commerce platform which gathers vintage pieces from well-known luxury brands. One of our major goals was to create a platform that offers a user-friendly, premium experience, which accurately depicts the brand's DNA. Nonetheless, our role was not only developing the website, but also creating all the e-commerce photographs, and supportive branding materials for the business (such as personalized cards, shopping bags and more).


Galleries are businesses that have always been very driven by the physical presence of the customer, because of the way art is traditionally showcased and experienced. Due to the pandemic, a gallery's sustainable business model has been required to shift. At Insofar, we were part of this adaptation to going online, by taking photographs of all their artworks, ensuring the client will have a reliable portrayal of their product through the screen. Accurately capturing texture, detail and size was crucial to showcasing Insofar's expansive curation and translating it into the digital world. This adaptation has enabled them to communicate with their customers in a modern, facilitated, and sustainable way.

Africana Art Foundation

At Africana Art Foundation our role was to bring a new dynamic to their social media platforms. Producing content that was interesting, sharing it through a range of different platforms, and focusing on brand awareness, making the name of the foundation known. As so, we have focused particularly on the video to create series such as their podcast (“Tigers are Not From Africa”), studio visits (featuring artists in their spaces), “Atelier Series” and virtual exhibitions, honing in on an innovative perspective in order to stand out from other players in the industry.


Sodosa is an Angolan business group with activity in diverse sectors: agro-industrial production, construction, food distribution, and wholesale-retail. Within Sodosa Group we had the responsibility to restructure and update all company websites, redesigning the layout into a modern and polished look. Simultaneously, we had to remain faithful to their existing brand image, having as an objective to be concise in communication and transmitted information.


JRR is a B2B tire retail business where our role consisted of developing an e-commerce platform that innovated the methods of purchase between garages and manufacturers. The objective was mainly to facilitate this process, allowing customers to buy in great quantities, intuitively gauge available stock, and track their history and orders without following the old-school method of calling in (which is still very common within the tire industry). As such, and given the target audience, the platform was developed with a user-friendly experience in mind, resulting in fast and efficient operations.


Hanken is a Portuguese athleisure brand, inspired by Norwegian design; they are committed to producing the most comfortable athleisure and activewear for all genders. In this production, we were given the challenge of combining Norway's sleek and innovative design features with Hanken's unique attire. In order to best transmit this brand's modern image as well as its Norwegian roots, we scouted a modern villa and integrated professional models within it, creating an appealing blend between architecture and movement. Mostly shot handheld and outdoors, this required three separate days of shooting to make the most of the unique afternoon Portuguese light.

Arrábida Bound

Arrábida Bound was a two-artist art exhibition born out of a truly singular coincidence - both artists had been creating pieces which relate (almost literally) to the Arrábida bridge, an iconic construction in Porto, Portugal. Given the rich sociocultural background and history behind the art, as well as the collaborative nature of the exhibition, we were committed to creating a three-dimensional record of the exhibition and all the information surrounding it. Therefore, we recorded a virtual exhibition of the space, documentation of the inauguration, as well as the perspectives of the artists and the curator.

Costa Lopes

Costa Lopes is an architecture firm which boasts a rich history when it comes to creating landmark buildings, namely in Africa and in Europe. Due to their iconic presence in the architecture sector within the past decade, Costa Lopes reached out to us for assistance in a more seamless transition towards the digital environment. Accompanying a modernization of their communication outlets, we created a video which feels contemporary and concise, expressing Costa Lopes’s identity as well as the unique feeling of working there.


Muxima marked Insofar's first exhibition as a gallery, irreverently establishing its indispensable presence within Lisbon's art scene. The presented art-works were those of award-winning Angolan photographer Edson Chagas. The exhibition was tied to the theme of Angolan sand by filling the ground with distinctive, orange sand, and even encouraging visitors to walk on it bare-foot. It was important for us to convey this sensation-based experience in video; apart from documenting the inauguration (as well as the empty space), we focused greatly on editing and sound design to fully encapsulate the sense of awe and surprise which the guests of Muxima felt when traversing the exhibition.

Djodje - Bela

Partner and in-house Director of Photography Miguel Cummins filmed this award-winning music video for acclaimed Kizomba artist Djodje. The concept of the video was to illustrate the power of femininity, and the role women have in shaping and influencing the creative world. The natural landscape scenes were shot in a high-key lighting setup to display power and divinity, in contrast to the interior scenes which were lit in a more intimate and contained manner.

Plutónio - Lisabona

Partner and in-house Director of Photography Miguel Cummins was part of the music video of Plutonio’s single “Lisabona”, currently accounting for 6 million views on Youtube. Shot entirely in exterior night scenes, the lighting references were dramatic and crisp, highlighting the artists' dominance and influence in the industry.

Irmãs Hospitaleiras

Irmãs Hospitaleiras is a global organization which offers mental health-care and psychiatric care to resident patients. After their branch in Coimbra, Portugal, underwent constructions, we were contacted to create a promotional video for the home, with the purposes of informing the public about the organization, as well as de-stigmatizing psychiatric care within a religious context. We spent two days documenting life within Irmãs Hospitaleiras, filming the spaces, activities, and routines, as well as interviews with care-takers and administrators.


Volup is a premium food delivery service based in Lisbon. Being a platform that distinguishes itself through their high-end restaurant selection, it was important to convey this image to the consumer. Bearing in mind a more mature target audience, we focused on portraying the process of any given order from start to finish, showcasing everything from the detailed elegance of the confection process, to the refined, speedy, and efficient home-delivery.

Suspicious Antwerps

Suspicious Antwerp is a Belgian streetwear brand, who reached out to us on the build-up to their 'Playground: Botanica' line launch. The objective was to create a series of social media videos in the south of Portugal, juxtaposing the thrill and excitement of dirt-bikes with the peace and serenity of local fruit farms. The videos represented the clothing line in the sense that the attire was all fruit-based, but they also represented the brand in that it consciously associates itself with a dynamic lifestyle based on extreme sports.